John Boland has resided and worked in the photographic art field for over three decades.  However, he explains that his passion and love of taking and making photographs began at 9 years old. This love of photography in childhood developed and fueled a professional career full of joy in the field of photography for the majority of his adult life.  His passion of photography is apparent both in his discussions about the field in general, and in his photographs.

John’s intimate relationship with the land and wild animals of New Mexico is evident in this body of work.  These photographs highlights his passion and love of photographing the wild horses in New Mexico.  This collection of photographs demonstrates his connectedness to the grace and wild beauty of these magnificent creatures.  Each color photograph conveys the depth of the horses’ spectacular beauty and emphasizes the horses’ interdependence on the open land in which they run wild and free.  It is rare that a photographer is able to capture such grace, in both the motion and stillness of nature. 

During the course of the past three decades, John has both shown and sold his own work in various galleries, and has represented and sold the work of other photographers.  John shares, with generosity and passion, about a career that has brought, and still highlights his life, with joy.  These photographs Wild Horses of Northern New Mexico, features a selection of John’s powerful, yet graceful photographs of horses in their own element, on their own terms.  All photos are shot in New Mexico, many of which were taken when he was exploring remote regions on his bicycle.

Sarah Miller


I enjoy sharing my compassion of photography, nature, animals in being in the outdoors. Many of these photographs were taken while I was riding my bicycle. 


Rhys Logan

All images copyright JOHN BOLAND. All rights reserved.